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Why join the Raleigh Youth Choir?

At Raleigh Youth Choir, singers receive tailored voice instruction and mentoring from our dedicated staff who are experts in their fields. Youth will broaden their knowledge of music by singing in multiple languages from a wide range of musical genres. They will learn to read music and further develop those skills through score study. All singers will enjoy numerous opportunities for live performances and life experiences through their participation in the choir.

Raleigh Youth Choir goes beyond learning vocal techniques and participating in public performances. We instill a love for music in the youth we serve while building a caring and compassionate community for all to thrive. Singers of all ages learn invaluable life skills that set them up for success in their future endeavors – confidence, accountability, openness, and self-discipline.

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A Raleigh Youth Choir performance can be customized for your special event:


  • Performing arts collaborations
  • Symphony orchestra collaborations
  • Concert Series
  • Community & private events
  • Fundraisers


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