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Who We Are

Join Raleigh Youth Choir, where singing is more than notes – it's a community. Be a part of our growing family and help shape the future of our choir. Each singer has access to top-notch instructors, materials, and resources, fostering musical growth and essential life skills for youth. Together, we break barriers, ensuring youth from diverse backgrounds can experience the transformative power of music. Join us in creating harmonies that resonate with every voice. Sing with Raleigh Youth Choir and be part of something extraordinary.

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Jeremy C. Tucker

Artistic Director



Raleigh Boychoir started in 1968 with a $50 donation from the Women’s Club of Raleigh and a deep commitment to excellence in music and nurturing the vocal talent of boys. For 55 years, our all-boy choirs performed across the state, country, and the world. We became the go-to youth choir in the community and state, even performing for the Pope and several U.S. Presidents. Our history is both a strong foundation and evidence of our investment in the community, having nurtured the growth of hundreds of community members over the years!

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In 2022, we turned the page in our organization's story, and our leadership committed to excellence in inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility on top of our continued excellence in music.

As the Raleigh Youth Choir, we now serve all young singers, ages 6-18, have grown to over 110 singers, and are devoting our efforts to collaborating with the Raleigh community and surrounding areas. We believe that every young person has a voice, and we are proud to offer a community where each singer will be given the tools to grow as a musician, community member, and student.


Raleigh Youth Choir
DEIA Statement

At Raleigh Youth Choir, we honor each chorister, their background, and the fullness of their potential. We believe in removing the barriers that prevent youth from accessing our programs. We center diversity, equity, and accessibility at the heart of our decision-making process. Our approach creates belonging and an opportunity for every chorister to experience the joy that comes from communal singing – achieving inclusion for all.

Our current recruitment, performance, and inclusion/mentoring practices reflect our commitment to this belief. We are constantly striving to be better and welcome comments or suggestions at

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